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its DECEMBER again! my birthday month and now yg lbh important is wedding anniversary me n hubby.
Googled for Romantic Dinner place.. and i just found 1 blog yg sgt2 interesting menstory kan about 1 place that they went for their anniversary! ~
sgt2 tertarik and dah link kan to my hubby for his review.. hope dpt go to there on this becoming 26dec! OMG..really2 want! :)

i love to surprised my huby, tp i'm just a housewife, nk drive pon takot..hukhuk~(lesen D hanya hiasan di dlm purse ;p ), so TERPAKSA lah send link tu jgk utk die revies..kot2 ade rezeki ku utk dpt surprised dr dia plk..ahakz!

(entry suprised for hubby's birthday at Chakri Palace KLCC on April lepas aku xupdate pon...happening with Birthday song sing by all waiters kat situ..hihi)

(now xkisah sgt abt my birthday celebration, even my hubby nmpk nk celeb 10dec nih..but 'aiman xkisaaahh ' ;p hehe)

bila dh singgah kat, i just did my late hobby..menyibuk2 mmbaca blog entry org..ahakz..hobi ok~ ;) start 1st smpai yg latest i akan baca..well, as a housewife n nothing to do xcept masukkan kain in machine, sidai, n lipat, n tgk tv..
then i jumpa lah yg latest punya entry at <<<<---klik klik! jgn x klik..rugi! contest baik punyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D

xsangka ade human being yg baik camni! mr eyriqazz..plis plis..i want that voucher! want want! ngeeee ;p

nk kene tag frens yg kaki blog nih :) :

1- Nora

2- Bushuklovesayang

3- Mimi senget ;p

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